Joe Bonamassa concert 16/11/2008

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Joe Bonamassa concert 16/11/2008 Empty Joe Bonamassa concert 16/11/2008

Message par fulub le Mar 18 Nov 2008 - 12:44

So there you go, I saw Joe and his band yesterday night. All I can say is wow! I couldn't have been closer to him... I just needed to extend my arm to touch his boots...
Here's the Set List, if I remember it well and don't forget any (didn't manage to grab one at the end...)

Ballad of John Henry
Bridge to Better Days
So Many Roads
Mountain Time
Sloe Gin
High Water Everywhere (Acoustic)
Another Kind of Love
The Great Flood
Your Funeral and my Trial
Just Got Paid
Woke Up Dreaming (Acoustic)
Blues Deluxe

One of These Days
Asking Around For You

Let me tell you this: his sound is sheer power and magic at the same time. And trust me, I'm 30, I've lived with the blues/rock since I was born (thanks to my parents who raised me in the love of good music, not those crappy dance and stupid **## there was all around when I was a teenager) and I've seen some pretty good guitar players: Tinsley Ellis, Gary Moore, Jeff Healey, Bill Perry, Robben Ford, Tommy Castro, Buddy Guy... The list goes on and on. Joe is THE man! It's truly incredible how he manages to mix the "in your face" type of playing and be so cool and slow and magical at the same time. Getting one of the two is really hard, getting both is a pure blessing to him and to us, his fans.
If I could make a comparison with something I love, it would be a rose: when he plays it cool he's wonderful to watch, and just like a closed rose full of promises and primitive beauty and when he puts the fire mod on, he's blossoming and shining like a fresh full bloomed rose.
There's nothing else to say. If I didn't have something really important on my schedule this weekend I'd go to Barcelona to see him again, even though that's a six hour car round trip. That says it all. Long lives Joe! smile

Et bien voila, tout est dit!
voyez le post de Oliver blues pour des impressions en Français

le son énorme,le band nickel, et la grande classe de Joe!!! cheers
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